Friday, August 1, 2008

5 Most Asked Oracle Interview Questions: Part 1

Here are five most asked interview questions related to Oracle PL/SQL Programming. Please feel free to share your answers/ comments/ suggestions with other readers. I will be live on scene to followup along with you!

Question#1 How do you remove duplicate row(s) from Oracle data table ?

Question#2 What is the difference between WHERE clause and HAVING clause? How do you use HAVING clause with the aggregate functions?

Question#3 When should you use the GROUP BY clause? Write PL/SQL code to select EmployeeID, Name, Address and Total Number of Employees of an organization.

Question4# What is self-join? Write code to display the Name of Employee, and Name of his/her Manager from the table below.

Question#5 Write PL/SQL code to display total number of employees who get salary less than the average salary of all employees of an organization.

Table: Employee

Hope we all benifit from the question and answering.

While ending this set of questions, I would like to invite you understand the implementation of object relational features of oracle like nested table, inheritance, collection array, member function etc.

Happy PL/SQL-ing along with Oracling!!


Anonymous said...

PL/SQL code?
Should be SQL code. You do not need to write PL/SQL code to answer those questions!

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