Monday, August 4, 2008

How to Change Password of Default User in Oracle Database ?

When you install Oracle database, two default users are already created. You can log in using those user ID. here are the usersand their password.

UserName: SYSTEM
Password: MANAGER

UserName: SYS
Password: [change_on_install]

New user also can be added in many ways. (I will blog about this later)

Tips: Typically, these users hold standard data dictionary information for the database. So experts suggest to change the passwords of thesedefault users as soon as possible. Then How? Follow me.


2. Connect to the database using system/manager.

SQL> alter user system identified by ;
User altered.

SQL> alter user sys identified by ;
User altered.

This way you are safe. You can also add new user to the database. I have made up mind to talk about creating new user in Oracle database in my next post.

You may also like to read on implementation of object relational database features like inheritance, collection array, nested table etc. in Oracle .

Happy Oracling!!


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