Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Resources for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

I am not as good desinger as I am a programmer. But if you work with web applications there always comes the necessity of going hand in hand with the web page design. I have also come across the same requirement. Initially, like most of the programmers I also thought that design part should be out of a programmer's headache. But as more time passes I become more loyal to the designer's part. It is the nature of a programmer, especially web programmes.

While talking about design we can not forget the role of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). In the beginning days I started out trying the existing web templates. They taught me a lot. Later I felt the necessity of a little bit knowledge of CSS language. I have searched through the Internet and found some useful resources. I have benifited from them. So I wanted to share the resources.

Resources for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

This part gives detailed approach to CSS page layout.

Check this link out for 40 CSS based HTML pages in a zip file. One can then reuse them for their own requirement.

A CSS shorthand guide better for quick reference.

A CSS cheat sheet covering major parts of CSS.

There are lots of resources for CSS in Internet. I think it is better to start out with the simple and basic ones.

Happy designing!


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