Thursday, July 31, 2008

ASP.NET Custom GridView with row based contextmenu, single click, double click enabled

Ever wanted to play with such a miraculous gridview that provides you with your own context menu listing various items? Additionally, ever needed single click or double click event for each row of a gridview? It is no more dream only. It is not only possible but also present at your service. Yeah, a custom gridview that can do a number of tasks for you !

1.Single Row Click
2.Double Row Click
3.ContextMenu row-based
4.Ascending/Descending sorting image in the Header elements
5.Fix GridView height when the number of rows <>
6.Built-in Filter Textbox7.Built-in Checkbox per row and per whole GridView

Thanks to the hard-working team from They have provided such a rich gridview.

You have better go to the page and explore all by youself. You can find it here:


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