Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oracle Error ORA-01722: Invalid Number

ORA-01722: Invalid Number mostly occurs in runtime. There are some errors in programming that may generate ORA-01722: Invalid Number error. Let me present this formally.

The attempted conversion of a character string to a number failed because the character string was not a valid numeric literal. Only numeric fields or character fields containing numeric data may be used in arithmetic functions or expressions. Only numeric fields may be added to or subtracted from dates.

Check the character strings in the function or expression. Check that they contain only numbers, a sign, a decimal point, and the character "E" or "e" and retry the operation

I got the error in runtime when I assigned numeric value to a varchar2 parameter passed to a package. There may other so many possible reasons as discussed above. 

At the end, you may also like to read on implementing object relational database features in oracle like nested table, inheritance, collection array, member function etc.

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