Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unlock User in membership login system

The membership has the mechanism that it locks out a user's account if she tries to authenticate herself with false password five times, by default, or within 10 minute window. It is all for possible hacks. And I had no mechanism to unlock the user account. Because locked user can not login, I needed some way to unlock the user. Firstly, I was frustrated since I saw the MembershipUser class's IsLockedOut read only property. But later I came to know that there exists MembershipUser's UnlockUser() method that satisfies my requirement.

So here goes the tricky code.

MembershipUser user = Membership.GetUser(username);


The string username is the locked user's user name. You can use user's user name or providerKey [the user's unique id] to get the user detail in
MembershipUser object.

I just came across the solution and thought it would be a great help to those who have the same problem. Happy Programming! Happy dotnetting!!

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