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How to change second textbox text when the first textbox date of AJAX CalendarExtender changes?

Sometime ago I saw an interesting question in forum. It raised my enthusiasm. I started to code the requirement. And I found one. Here goes the requirement:


I have two text boxes inside my aspx page: a) the "txt1" and b) the "txt2". Both text boxes have CalendarExtender controls attached:
a) the txt1 has the "CalendarExtender1"
b) the txt2 has the"CalendarExtender2".

All I want is this:
Using client-side script (or other method without postbacks), I want when the user chooses a date from CalendarExtender1, the same date plus a day front to go to the txt2.

For example:
If the user chooses 03/28/2009 in the CalendarExtender1, I want the value of the txt2 to be the 03/29/2009....
Also, if the month reaches the end, I want the txt2 to take the new moth.

For example:
If the user chooses 03/31/2009 in the CalendarExtender1, I want the value of the txt2 to be the 04/01/2009....

That behavior I want to exists only to the CalendarExtender1 like I describe it. I don't want the user to be able to do this with CalendarExtender2 (the CalendarExtender2 has the default behavior)...

How can I accomplish that? Thank you very much!

There are two solutions provided to this requirement. Let me put them here.

Solution1: (By Kinjalin)

Here you have to add it in Javascript.

<cc1:CalendarExtender ID="ClExFromDt"                     runat="server"                     TargetControlID="TxtFromDate"                     PopupButtonID="BtnFromCal"                     Format="dd/MM/yyyy"                     OnClientDateSelectionChanged="AddDate"                     CssClass="calExt_Theme1"></cc1:CalendarExtender>

Here on OnBlur, write a Javascript function addDate

on Page_Load write the line " Text1.Attributes.Add("onblur", "javascript:addDate();")

& in Javascript Fetch the Value using document.getElementByID("TextBox1").value

add it using below Javascript & bit of ur Logic

//create the date
var myDate = new Date();

//add a day to the date
myDate.setDate(myDate.getDate() + 1);

//add a week
myDate.setDate(myDate.getDate() + 7);

After adding Show it in your TextBox2

$get(TextBox2).value = myDate

Thats it.

Solution2: (By sangam100)

Hi MinimalTech ,

Here goes the prototype, which is close to what kinjalin posted:

Add this script in the design page:


function addDays() {

dateParts = document.getElementById('txtDate1').value.split('/');

year = dateParts[2];

month = parseInt(dateParts[0])-1;

day = parseInt(dateParts[1]) + 1;

newDate = new Date ( year, month, day );

year = newDate.getYear();

month = newDate.getMonth()+1;

day = newDate.getDate();

formattedDate = month + '/' + day + '/' + year;




Now in the design page:

Date1:<asp:TextBox ID="txtDate1" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>  Date2 (One day forward):<asp:TextBox ID="txtDate2" runat="server"></asp:TextBox><cc1:CalendarExtender ID="CalendarExtender1" runat="server" TargetControlID="txtDate1" PopupButtonID="txtDate1"></cc1:CalendarExtender>

In the code behind.

txtDate1.Attributes.Add("onchange", "addDays();");

Now this works.

Hope this will be useful to all. Happy Programming!


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